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Is therapy for you?

Therapy is no longer known to be for only people with severe clinical diagnosis, but instead for all those that seek services to obtain their desired outcome. Some people come to therapy for individualized concerns or to repair relationships that are on a brink; others come before the "issue/challenges/problem" become significant, and then there are those that come in for growth/self enhancements. Whatever the reason is for seeking services, research has shown the value of systemic work, a fundamental theory of licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.


Don't let the credential title fool you, as these professionals are trained to be experts of therapy from a systemic framework, NOT LIMITED to couples and families, but instead to any and all systems, from individuals (children to the elder) to larger complicated systems (business, communities, organizations, etc.).


Dr. Arias Shah is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 13 years of clinical experience, offering services to individuals, families, and couples of diverse backgrounds with unique stories in English or Spanish at her office, conveniently online, or in the comfort of the homes of her exclusive Concierge Members. Dr. Arias Shah is dedicated and passionate to help her clients, as she considers their unique stories, culture and diversities, strengths and resources, and relationships and other systems, to identify and utilize an appropriate evidence-based approach accordingly.

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