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Online Therapy | practical and convenient for todays busy life.


Online therapy has made therapy services available to all, through the use of secured technology helping people across the world who need and want to improve them self, circumstances and relationships. Research has shown online therapy to be efficient and effective, just as traditional in office services has; after all, your clinician's therapeutic stance and work would not be altered due to platform (place).

There are many reasons people are choosing to do online therapy, including but not limited to:

  • People worry about the stigma of in-office therapy
  • Clients are concerned people they know will see them enter or leave a therapist’s office
  • Potentially clients may experience less "triggers” if they stay home
  • It is a convenient option for people with disabilities and those who cannot drive to an office.
  • For many it feels safer, as services will be completely private where others won't find out including those who feel controlled, that may be in an abusive relationship, or ridiculed for being in therapy, etc.
  • Online sessions are cheaper than in office services.

Dr. Arias Shah's Custom Featured Online Therapy

  1. Convenient and custom to your time schedule and from the comfort of your own home/office.
  2. Provide uninterrupted care when clients travel out of state and internationally. Also benefits those living in rural areas where choices may be limited.
  3. All sessions are one-on-one private and confidential using HIPPA approved online site with Dr. Arias Shah.
  4. Invoices are conveniently emailed to you for session payments before entering your  online session. A credit card is required to have on file to cover any no show/cancellation fees.
  5. Tailored 8, 12, or 16 week package sessions to achieve true breakthrough results.

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