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Attention Law Students 3 years flies and eventually you will be seeking admission to the Florida Bar if you have concerns over some potential mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse such as alcohol dependency - NOW is the time to get a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Evaluation.

Lawyers, among other high ranking careers such as doctors and CEOs have the highest rates of depression and stress. Unfortunately this begins in law school, as its highly competitive among typical type A personality students, trying to be the top 10%, leaving the rest to be the apparent bottom 90% (sink or swim).


Statistics showed (a survey of 886 students) by Harvard Law gained substantial publicity:

  • 25% of respondents reported suffering from depression
  • 24% of students suffered from anxiety
  • 20% of students reported a heightened risk of suicide
  • 66% of students said their mental health ailments started as a result of law school
  • Only 8% of students said they would feel comfortable discussing their mental health with a faculty member

Many law students brush off their mental health symptoms as simply stress, when its been evident across universities (providing mental wellness days and counseling) that many are suffering from moderate to severe mental health conditions - If untreated, not only will it affect their performance during school, but also potentially increasing the risk of their well-being and career.

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