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At Enso Minds Dr. Arias Shah Has The Right Service For Your Needs.

Whether you are seeking therapy, or in need of an assessment, or an approved AAMFT supervisor, Dr. Arias Shah is ready to put her 13 years of clinical experience to work with your goals today.

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Supervision Services


 Approved AAMFT Supervisor

 Offered in English or Spanish

 Offered Online & In person

 *Groups can be added, as another source of supervision option, at a lower price, however it is not a substitute for individual supervision

 Instill ethical & professional principles

 Explore self of the therapist & boundaries

 Identify clinical implications

 Develop culture & diversity competency & sensitivity

 Systemic case conceptualization & utilization of appropriate model

 Assure evidence-based practice

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Online Services


☛ Over 13 years of clinical experience 

Offered in English or Spanish

☛ Offered Online only

☛ Secured Technology

☛ Convenient, private & confidential

☛ For clients that want/need services, but can't make it into an office for different reasons, such as a busy work schedule, commute, travel, paranoia, social anxiety, privacy concerns, disabilities, etc.

☛ Proven to be efficient & effective

☛ Sessions are cheaper than in office

☛ * Not appropriate for severe mental health illness 

Therapy Services


☛ Over 13 years of clinical experience

☛ Offered in English or Spanish

☛ Offered in office

☛ Typical Models used: Solution Focused, Collaborative, Narrative, CBT, EFT, Gottman, etc.

☛ Provided to: Individuals, families, couples, & divorcee, employee assistant program

☛ Vast experience, but not limited to: depression, anxiety, life transitions & stressors, family conflict, pre-marital counseling, marriage distress (brink), divorce, blended families, reclaiming/building esteem & motivation, sexuality, balancing work & personal life, etc.

☛ * Some groups & workshops are offered quarterly on depression, anxiety, parenting, divorce, children of divorced parents, etc.  



☛ Assessments for individuals & families for civil or criminal cases

☛ Offered in English or Spanish

☛ Offered in office & *Online

☛ Neutral evaluator

☛ Provide: Case blind didactic, work evaluator, reunifcation observations, testimonial (expert witness)

☛ For: Emotional Support Animal Certification, Immigration (e.g., I-601, I-601a, N-648, & I-360), Mental health & Substance abuse evaluations & monitoring (required by: Florida Board of Bar Evaluations, Companies, Attorneys & Case Managers for state departments)

☛ Types: Biospychosocials, Mood disorders (MDQ), Depression, Anxiety, Suicide screening & plan (SBQ & NSSI), Trauma-PTSD (TSQ, CAPS, PCL, LEC), OCD, Cage (substance abuse screening), etc.  

Concierge Services


☛ Costumed services in accordance to your lifestyle

☛ Offered in English or Spanish

☛ Offered in the comfort of your home

☛ Private, intimate, & confidential

☛ Offer: psychotherapy, counseling & coaching

☛ Flexible session duration (typically 90 min- longer than in office)

☛ Flexible frequency of sessions (per week)

☛ When travel or in *crisis get access to secured telehealth (online video) & chat (through client portal)

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After you book & pay, Dr. Arias Shah will send you the required forms through the Enso Minds' secured client portal.

* Other rate options may be available on a case-by-case basis. Please call for additional options.

* Ask about first-session discounted rate for military and first-responders

Cancellation Policy :

  • $65 Late Cancellation fee for appointments cancelled less than 12
  • Full session charge for appointments cancelled less than 6 hours before appointment start time or failure to show for the appointment
  • No charge for cancellations due to sickness or unsafe weather/road conditions. Notify ASAP so others on the cancellation list can be scheduled.

Insurance :

At this time I do not accept any insurance coverage. Psychotherapy services for individuals, couples and families are generally covered by most insurance companies. Almost all insurance companies accept a Marriage and Therapist's license for therapy services. Please check with your insurance company to confirm your out-of-network coverage. I can provide you with a receipt that will allow you to be reimbursed by your insurance company subject to your contracted rate.

** Please be aware of the risks and benefits going through your health care coverage for therapy services. Therapists who accept your insurance coverage are required to give you a DSM diagnosis when they bill your insurance company. Depending on your situation (e.g. divorce/custody battle) your privacy is less protected when going through your health care coverage.

Book your appointment below; if any questions contact Dr. Arias Shah today @

1-888-995-ENSO (3676) !

***Leading Services in English or Spanish in office or online: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, and Divorce Counseling; Facilitate intimate transformative groups; conduct Emotional Support Animal Assessments, Immigration and Evidence based Practices; Mentor and supervise clinical Mental health and Marriage and Family Therapy Interns.***  

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