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Depression Support Group


In a depression support group, members often share coping suggestions that others find useful. This helps give people the assurance that "someone else knows what I am going through," as people share their struggles and even success stories.

Though the members of the group are experts of the symptoms of depression providing invaluable insight, the licensed psychotherapist places an active role as a facilitator of change to assure the group is able to develop the necessary insights and skills to alleviate and dissolve some of the symptoms to live a life with more hope and will.

Potential benefits of a Depression Support Group:

  • Not feel alone (validated) - normalize depression
  • Receive encouragement and support
  • Develop friendships
  • Create and adhere to a daily schedule
  • Develop insights and skills to cope and break cycles
  • Identify healthy lifestyle (exercise, healthy foods, sleep, etc.)

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