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I am excited to share with all of you, what the field and myself may consider news worthy insights and tools that would potentially help all to make certain decisions and changes that promotes healthier lives (individual and relational as well as professional careers). I look forward to receiving feedback along this journey in blogging, as I do not claim to be an expert in every area of my field or of your lives, however with may vast training and experience, I make it a point to conduct extensive research to provide the latest evidence based information, in addition to my professional and personal experiences for what its worth. I will be sharing some video blogs as well soon, to make this more intimate and engaging. Below I provide a quick overview of some on the main areas that categorizes the subtopics I will blog on.


Client Section

Designed for ALL who are seeking to improve their life, themselves and/or relationships. The blogs in this section will cover an array of topics that many have experienced that need guidance, knowledge, support, and skills to develop a sense of hope and discover potential solutions accordingly. These blogs provide some brief insights that are helpful and can be life changing, however these are not meant to substitute Therapeutic Services, as that requires a commitment from the client/s and their clinician to collaborate, as they embark on a journey in working through the client's therapeutic goals.

Client categories- Mental Wellness, Assessments, Couples, Divorce, Blended Families, Parenting, Living with a Mental Disorder, Care Takers, Youth/Young Adults, Work, Individual Growth, Parenting …


Supervisee Section

Designed for MFT clinicians in training providing them with useful tools to develop further their existing knowledge and skills set regarding  pertinent topics including but note limited to: addressing core competencies, theoretical models, case conceptualization, relevant blogs, supervisorial relationship dynamics, interning experiences, developing clinical identity, career options, AAMFT requirements, ethical and legal requirements, culture and diversity consideration,  etc.

Supervisee categories- Culture & Diversity, Ethics & Legal Consideration, Therapeutic Process, Self Care, …(not too much as real content will be sold in workshops and books).


Clinical Therapy Section

Designed to go deeper into therapeutic topics these blog pieces provide a nice layer of insight to add to your existing knowledge uncovering the current research regarding the mental health field, theoretical approach and models, ethical considerations, cultural and diversity considerations, self of the therapist, private practice.

Clinician categories- Modern and Post-Modern models, balancing profession and family life, current event reviews in the mental health field, research, working with insurance, ….

Melissa Arias Shah, Ph.D., LMFT, AAMFT Supervisor
Melissa Arias Shah, Ph.D., LMFT, AAMFT Supervisor
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