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Children Divorce Group

Discussing about a parents divorce can be difficult for children, doing this within a safe and neutral group setting can make it easier among other children. In the group sessions children will have opportunities to discuss age appropriate topics related to divorce to build effective coping strategies. Session will have discussions, videos, and activities that will be engaging to help children understand divorce, their feelings, and pre pare them to cope for the next stage of their family's life.

Benefits of group therapy for children:

Short-Term Effects: Feeling stressed, anxious, confused, and sad, academic and behavioral difficulties

Long-term Effects: Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, lower level of educational attainment and academic success, poor parental and social relationships, alcohol or drug use as an adolescent/teen

Group topics for children/youth will include: 

  1. Learning that divorce is a grown-up problem that cannot be caused by children.
  2. Understanding their feelings and behaviors associated with divorce.
  3. Understanding what changes may occur during and after a divorce.
  4. Understanding that divorce does not mean that they and their parents are no longer a family.
  5. Learning positive coping strategies that can help children/youth through the divorce.

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