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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems.  EAPs address a broad and complex body of issues affecting the mental and emotional well-being of employees and their work performance and environment accordingly. Normally, employees can acquire with their company which EAP provider they can use when under stress to obtain help from a professional counselor on topics like:

  • Workplace personality conflicts – advice and suggestions on how to work with a difficult manager or co-workers.
  • Drug addiction – advice on how to deal with the employee’s addiction, or how to deal with a family member’s addiction, including teen drug use prevention.
  • Mental health issues – depression, anxiety, anger management or other needs an employee or their family members may be dealing with.
  • Health and caregiving issues – how best to manage return to work issues after a worker’s comp claim, or how to manage a disability or medical issue at work, or how to obtain help for an ill or elderly loved one.
  • Legal and family advice – marriage counseling, divorce, or child custody issues.
  • Financial counseling – how to avoid bankruptcy, or how to pay down credit card debt, or create a budget.
  • Grief assistance – Support for employees who have lost a loved one as well as for employees experiencing the loss of a co-worker, or a significant event such as a shooting at work.

Most company's EAP provides a set number of counselling referral sessions, from 1-3, at no cost to the employee to fully assess the issue before recommending a resource, therapist, or service to the employee. The EAP does not do long-term counseling, but can help the employee get the ball rolling.

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FAQ’s about EAP Therapeutic Counseling:

Q: Will my employer know that I am going to counseling?

A: No. Your employer, boss, supervisor and co-workers will not know that you are attending counseling. All EAP services are confidential and the employer is not aware of who is using counseling services.

Q: What if I need long term counseling?

A: If long term counseling may be helpful or necessary, your EAP counselor will provide referrals and help you find a counselor who will meet your counseling needs.

Q: Can my family members use EAP counseling services?

A: Yes, counseling services are available to you, your spouse and children under the age of 26. Each family member receives their own EAP benefits to utilize when needed.

Q: Is there a co-pay/ do I have to pay for counseling?

A: No! EAP therapeutic counseling is a free service available to you through your employer.

Wondering how to schedule EAP therapeutic counseling? You can call Capital EAP at and an intake coordinator will schedule you with a Social Worker or Mental Health Counselor for an in-person or telephone based appointment.

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