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Law Students' Mental Health is a ticking time bomb if ignored and untreated! 


Law students are highly stressed and overwhelmed with so many emotions leading to a sense of pressure to not fail as they compete for the prestigious title, license, and career they have worked so hard for; no wonder why depression and anxiety are common health concerns among law students. Some may begin their academic law degree with a preexisting mental health condition, while others may develop symptoms while in law school; either way, if untreated, these symptoms and diagnosis can intensify due to the cut-throat competitive culture. According to Zaretsky's (2016) article on Jaffe and Bender's study, "More than one in six had been diagnosed with depression while in law school. Thirty-seven percent of law students screened positive for anxiety, and 14 percent of them met the definition of severe anxiety. Depression, coupled with severe anxiety, can lead to alcohol and drug abuse, and 22 percent of law student survey respondents reported that they were binge drinkers."


Given these statistics, including some law student suicides, it is critical that students get screened for mental health symptoms to identify what course of actions they may need, sooner than later, in increasing their probability of long term success.


There are a ton of healthy options in working towards a healthier way of living, such as exercise, meditation, yoga, sleep, healthy nutrition, and healthy relationships (supportive). And of course, when thinking of taking care of one's mental health, there is always therapy or counseling. Perhaps a combination of many of these options is the key. But in therapy or counseling, clients have the opportunity to discover some realities (thoughts or experiences) that may not be healthy, contributing to present challenges, which may lead to some unfortunate outcome.  


Therapy or counseling, not only can be utilized to process the present challenges in finding balance in the student's life, as well as developing coping strategies for emotional regulation, but also in recognizing the systemic factors that are not as noticeable in potentially affecting the student's wellbeing, such as relationships, past traumas, finances, addictions and medical illnesses. People do not operate in a vacuum, given all the systems and interactional cycles that are co-occurring, which shape the present and future realities, decisions, and relationships.


So, do not ignore the symptoms (neglecting your wellbeing) because it can be just a matter of time before you crack and have to face the reality that you are falling apart, and without your mental health stability, how can you succeed as a lawyer. Your mental health and relationships are worth investing in now, not later. With today's easy access to just about anything, there is no excuse in not taking care of one's mental health, which is a crucial ingredient to any success.


Of course some of you are saying to yourself as you read this or any article out there directed to you, "they don't understand," "there is not enough time to do anything but law school," "I have to just get through this," "I don't need any help," "What's the worse that can happen," and so on. There will be thousand excuses, and yes there are many students that are resilient and may have the strengths and resources, but this isn't about the other student, this is about you and the reality that you may need a lifestyle change which includes starting counseling and any other healthy habit. Because without your mental health in check, you might not even be able to pass or even sit for the Bar.


Exclusive Mental Health Counseling Services for Law Students

Secured Private & Confidential Online sessions & Chats offered at a highly discounted rate for South Florida's Law School Students.

  • Mental Health Screening
  • Mental Health Online Counseling (depression, Anxiety, Stress, Life skills & management)
    • Online counseling is convenient for busy students
    • Completely private and confidential
  • Easy access to Dr. Arias Shah
  • Flexible appointment hours offered (late night hours)
    • for when you are in the library pulling an all-nighter you can send a chat to Dr. Arias Shah through her online client portal for secured HiPPA compliant messaging
  • Services offered in English or Spanish
  • Easy pay & package deals

*Note, online services are not appropriate for severe* mental conditions. Dr. Arias Shah may recommend for some, more intensive services in office therapy.





Price for 1 minute

As needed

$49 weekly

1 - 45 minute counseling session

2 - 4 chats

Late Hours Offered




4 - 45 minute counseling sessions

Unlimited chats

Late Hours Offered

20% Off





12 - 45 minute counseling sessions

Unlimited chats

Late Hours Offered

30 % Off

Screenings are offered for free to assess symptoms and the level of care needed to identify an appropriate course of action (treatment). Some students may be encouraged to seek more intensive in-office services.


What you can expect in this exclusive offer for Law Student Counseling and/or Chat:

First, I'll clarify, though Therapy and Counseling are typically used interchangeably, counseling is generally brief, not as psychoanalytical (not as intensive), and focuses more on skill-building. However, note, counseling is not any less effective than therapy; it's just the style and focus of the work that usually distinguishes these methods. Like therapy, there are goals identified when you first begin; you will have 45-minute sessions to address concerns, needs, and identify constructive-healthy outlets and methods to facilitate change. These sessions, like the chat, will be conducted through a secured client portal login to assure for confidentially. Services are offered at hours that may be convenient for you. With respect to the chats, Dr. Arias Shah screens for urgency; if none, then she will respond within a reasonable time frame (within 3 hours), however, if the student finds themself sending multiple lengthy chats, then an appointment for a session would be more approrpiate. Chats are an easy way to get a hold of Dr. Arias Shah and to share something that you may need a quick response to; however, they are not intended to be the platform to conduct counseling.


Call today to begin your exclusive confidential Counseling & Chat Services with Dr. Arias Shah @ 888-995-ENSO (3676)

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